TDC provides Vivid projection

Published: ASIA

TDC provides Vivid projection

AUSTRALIA: For the seventh consecutive year Technical Direction Company (TDC) has provided solutions for Vivid Sydney and this year deployed Barco’s UDX-4K32 projector at the Museum of Contemporary Art. TDC was the first rental company in the APAC region to take stock of the 31,000-lumen projector and is reportedly the first to utilise it for a large-scale laser projection display globally.

Producing images in 4K resolution, the UDX-4K32 projector is designed with a laser-based system that lasts for up to 30,000 hours. During Vivid Sydney 2017, it has been used for a piece called Organic Vibrations, a collaboration between Julia Gorman and Danny Rose. TDC is also a d3 Technologies rental partner and became a d3 Studio last year. d3 solutions have been deployed by the rental company at various Vivid Sydney installations.

‘Laser phosphor technology is the first significant change that we’ve seen in over 10 years,’ said Michael Hassett, CEO of TDC. ‘The quality is quite unbelievable. Artists we have worked with are just amazed by its reproduction of blues, purples, and colours that typically can be a challenge to project. Its potential will excite artists to delve into the detailed animation that audiences haven’t experienced in the past.’

TDC provided Barco’s R&D team with feedback on beta version software and hardware for the UDX-4K32. ‘Barco liaised with us on product development and was able to develop a product that was suitable for a lot of rental companies,’ noted Mr Hassett. ‘We are looking forward to Barco’s further development and hope to see these projectors being available in 60K lumens brightness versions within three years.’

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