The PA People helps SAE relocate

Published: ASIA

The PA People helps SAE relocate

AUSTRALIA: SAE Creative Media Institute’s Sydney campus was recently relocated to a new site in the suburb of Chippendale. The PA People was brought in to provide assistance with regards to the A/V infrastructure, partnering with Design Stage Consultancy and working closely with the construction company, Farindon Constructions.

‘DesignStage have been involved in several SAE relocations and upgrades to date including Perth, Sydney and San Francisco,’ revealed DesignStage director Phil Viney. ‘In all cases the brief was principally to provide very high quality, comprehensive and flexible cabling infrastructure for the live rooms, studios, labs, production and teaching spaces. In this case we also included A/V designs for most of the teaching spaces. Consistency between venues was an important consideration for SAE as well as comprehensive and intuitive labelling for the entire cabling infrastructure.

‘The PA People were commissioned to carry out the installation and diligently set about the detailed design of the panels and cabling,’ he continued. ‘Their attention to detail and commitment to this project contributed greatly in delivering a high-quality installation despite a compressed programme.’

The new facility is a refurbished seven-storey building comprising studios, classrooms, a theatre, meeting rooms, offices and a large performance space named The Wonder Room. The installation included audio connections such as mic level, line level and speaker ties as well as video connections HDMI, SDI and fibre ties. The PA People built custom panels with Neutrik connectors for each room. On the visual side, projection screens are installed in the training rooms and LCD screens in the seminar rooms. An AMX touch panel provides control of the projection and lighting systems in the theatre, while lighting patch panel serves The Wonder Room.

‘The new campus has been fitted out with the best facilities and industry-standard equipment to support hands-on learning in small class environments,’ concluded Lee Aitken, general manager of SAE Australia.

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