The PA People soars with Wings for Life

Published: ASIA

The PA People soars with Wings for Life

AUSTRALIA: Wings for Life World Run comprises over 100,000 competitors running simultaneously in 34 countries and raises funds for the Wings for Life foundation in seeking a cure for spinal cord injury. With one of the annual runs taking place in Melbourne, The PA People supplied the event communications solution.

The system provided was made up of two base stations and around 140 Motorola DP4801 digital handheld radios to connect zone managers, bike crew, support vehicles, coaches and staff in the refreshment areas with each other and the catcher car. The race is unique in that there is no finish line. All runners start at the same time, with the catcher car beginning the chase at the 30-minute mark, starting at 15km per hour and increasing its speed until all competitors are ‘caught’.

For the run, which started in Hawthorn East and travelled up the Monash Freeway with roads closed for up to 100km, The PA People also deployed four Motorola DM4601 digital mobile radios as well as a pair of Clear-Com V-stations. These were connected directly to the Orion radio network that was augmented via 4G to a mobile site, ensuring sufficient coverage.

Over 4,000 entrants ran the Melbourne race with the winner, Barry Keem, caught by the catcher car at over 65km.

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