Trick lighting

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Trick lighting

CHINA: International stunt driver Terry Grant set a world record in 2015 when he completed a loop-the-loop around a 19m ramp driving a Jaguar F-Pace SUV in Germany. As he repeated the feat in Shanghai recently, production company Imagination was once again called upon to provide the lighting for the spectacle, employing a rig comprising 50 SGM G-Spot moving heads just as it had in Germany. Despite a tight deadline, the manufacturer’s Chinese distributor, IAG Sanecore, managed to supply the fixtures in time.

‘We wanted nothing less than the best of the best that could display the luxury car brand Jaguar the way it deserved to be,’ explained Imagination project manager Alex Qian. ‘After a test of the G-Spot, there was no doubt. Delivering the strongest colours and being IP65-rated, the G-Spot was the optimum choice for this outdoor event.’

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