UFOs spotted in Tibet Autonomous Region

Published: ASIA

UFOs spotted in Tibet Autonomous Region

CHINA: One of the largest banks in the People’s Republic of China, Agricultural Bank of China was founded in 1951 with its headquarters located in Beijing and today has branches located across mainland China, as well as in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, and Singapore. In 1995, the bank opened its branch in the Tibet Autonomous Region, which over two decades later, was in need of a new conferencing system.

To meet this need, the branch has been equipped with a BXB FCS-6300 Conference System supplied and installed by the manufacturer’s Chinese distributor, China- Beijing Litron Ltd (Litron).

The solution was reportedly chosen on the merit of the FCS-6300 series’ UFO table-top microphone, which connects via a Cat-5e cable and features a DSP chip that enables the adjustment of AGC and sensitivity. According to the manufacturer, the microphone’s design was also taken into account with its hidden speaking button and colour choice that means it can be adapted to match the décor of a meeting room.


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