VSM is in control at MediaCorp

Published: ASIA

VSM is in control at MediaCorp

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp has relocated to its new production facility in Mediapolis that caters for its seven television channels and 12 radio stations. Serving as the overall control solution across the new facility is Lawo’s VSM broadcast control and monitoring system, reportedly selected due to its redundancy functionality and flexibility in workflow management and program preparation.

The site is equipped with a pair of redundant Miranda routers that manage audio and video switching. The VSM has been set to ensure the synchronisation of these two routers, allowing each to serve as a back-up should one fail, and for offline maintenance of one router to be carried out without interfering with the production schedule. VSM’s Virtual Package Workflow feature is also utilised at the site’s Distribution/Contribution area to enable the conversion of incoming sources, from OB vehicles for example, to virtual sources that can be made available throughout the facility.

On the radio side, the same redundancy is provided via two Lawo Nova 73 audio routers. VSM still serves as the main control and monitoring solution, keeping the routers in sync while monitoring the transmission chains.


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