Woosong College renews its curriculum with Pro Tools

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Woosong College renews its curriculum with Pro Tools

SOUTH KOREA: Woosong College’s Sol International Pop Music (SIMUSIC) department renewed its music curriculum after previously upgrading to Avid's Pro Tools S6, streamlining its overall programme. The newly-defined course offers students teachings on using Logic for basic songwriting, while sophomores are trained with Pro Tools for recording and mixing. Sun Cheol Lim, facilitating adjunct professor at the institute, uses the system frequently with students.

The college’s recording studio update replaced the previous analogue console while additional equipment was also integrated, including built-in mic preamps and EQs, as well as external preamps and compressors such as the Neve 1073DPA, Vintech X73, Avalon AD2022, and SSL G-series compressors. Previously, each professor used different tools and systems from one class to another, ranging from songwriting and vocals to recording and mixing. As a result, the students reportedly had to spend nearly a full semester learning and adapting to new tools.

‘I have been using Pro Tools since 1996,’ explained Mr Lim. ‘SIMUSIC department was created in 1997, and we’d been using the TASCAM desk ever since. Embracing digital systems was a task long overdue. The first thing that came to mind was Pro Tools.’

Based on Professor Lim's suggestion, the department has since streamlined its overall programme to be centered around Avid's Pro Tools and Apple's Logic. While in an ideal world having Pro Tools and Logic systems installed in two separate rooms would be more practical, for the time being the students must continue using both on one system, in the same recording room. The benefit Pro Tools provides to the college is multiple features merged into one software product, including sequencing, recording, mixing and mastering. The software itself integrates directly with the S6 control surface, reportedly allowing for a more customisable experience. The S6 also supports controls for Logic as well as Pro Tools, which is a benefit over the existing Pro Tools-only C 24.

The system consists of computers, software, an audio interface and a control surface. Woosong’s SIMUSIC recording studio has implemented Mac-based Pro Tools HDX, Pro Tools HD Software, and Pro Tools S6. There is also another Pro Tools HD Native system with a C 24 Controller set up in a separate lecture hall.

Mr Lim was looking specifically for something that included advanced features for more experienced users, while also being user-friendly, durable, reliable, and able to handle frequent use by students. He was confident that the Pro Tools system would meet these requirements. ‘What’s more important is to learn how to mix with the software, not how to use a mixing controller,’ Mr Lim said. ‘It contradicts the whole point of having a controller if it takes too much time learning how to use it. Everything has to be right there, intuitively accessible. I think that’s what the Pro Tools S6 is all about.’


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