Yamaha hosts training for Tom Lee Engineering

Published: ASIA

Yamaha hosts training for Tom Lee Engineering

HONG KONG: Yamaha recently hosted a tailor-made training workshop for Tom Lee Engineering guests, focussing on its newest flagship mixing console, the Rivage PM10. Taking place at the Yamaha Digital Audio Creative Centre (YDACC) in Guangzhou, the sessions were presented by the manufacturer’s manager of pro audio application engineering, Andy Cooper, alongside its manager of the pro audio marketing department, Chen Hao.

In addition to the PM10, topics covered included an introduction to the manufacturer’s Twinlane network protocol, Silk processing, integration with existing systems running on Dante and simpler ways to achieve advanced routing such as parallel compression.

‘After a hands-on experience with the PM10 after the seminar, our sound engineers were impressed with its processing power and user friendliness,’ offered Tom Lee Engineering marketing executive, Alan Suen. ‘Andy was very helpful in answering our questions and showed us the endless possibilities that can be accomplished with this new next gen digital console.’


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