Yamaha introduces Rivage to Asia

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Yamaha introduces Rivage to Asia

SINGAPORE: Nightclubs rarely enter into the category of multi-purpose venues, but Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd knew the grandiose surroundings of Millian Singapore would be ideal for its official launch event. Home to a Nexo S12 loudspeaker system, the club is located within the St James complex where the Japanese manufacturer unveiled its new flagship in the form of the Rivage PM10 digital mixing system. Approximately 150 attendees from Singapore together with a small group of around 20 from Indonesia gathered for the event.

The morning session focussed on the many features integrated into the compact control surface of the Rivage PM10. Explanations were provided by the pro audio manager of application engineering at London’s Yamaha R&D Centre, Andy Cooper, on how the console connects to the digital audio network and interfaces with various I/Os and RY/HY cards within the rack-mounted Yamaha DSP engines. ‘The PM10 is everything high-end venues and touring clients are expecting, coming with an abundance of features, an open platform, connecting via Dante and so much more,’ commented Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd’s sales engineer Darryl Tan. ‘It’s built on Yamaha's 40-year heritage in mixing consoles.’

Delegates were greatly assisted by the concentric seating pattern in front of the console, racks and three large video screens in addition to the audio system that was installed for the day. Following lunch, the attention shifted to Nexo loudspeaker solutions including overviews and demonstrations of the STM (Scale Through Modularity), S12 cabinets, ID series and M6 compact line array systems, with particular emphasis on the latter two.

‘It's been one of the biggest launch events Yamaha has held here in Singapore,’ explained Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd’s assistant general manager Lawrence Tan. ‘Personnel from rental companies, theatres, churches, system integrators and broadcasters have all attended the workshop. There has been great excitement about the PM10 beforehand, and for many here today this was the first opportunity to experience this new milestone for Yamaha. We know that we have a large base of followers and are naturally very happy that so many showed up.’ The second half of the event dedicated to Nexo also pleased Mr Tan. ‘It was the ideal opportunity to show some of Nexo's loudspeaker range. With the specs typically being, "I want small and I want loud!", the Nexo M6 is the perfect fit for the local systems integrators’ bread and butter business, whilst the new ID Series adds nicely to it, particularly for the corporate and A/V markets.’

Before heading to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian event two days later, Mr Cooper passed judgement on the 19th April date. ‘Everyone is familiar with Yamaha's PM1D and PM5D formats, as these consoles were the leading digital mixing consoles in the market. Since announcing the new PM10, people everywhere are eager to find out more about it and to see it. Of course, it's no different in Singapore, especially when considering the high motivation of locals to learn about new technologies and concepts.’ His Japanese colleague and director of ASEAN PA business division Chihaya Hirai was also satisfied with the results gleaned from their efforts. ‘In a highly competitive market, the new technologies of the PM10 have been quickly accepted by leading North American touring companies,’ furthered the Singapore-based Mr Hirai. ‘We are expecting the same positive results here in the South East Asia region. So far we have received great interest from major theatres and churches in addition to live production broadcasters, not least thanks to the network capabilities and seamless connectivity with our Yamaha Nuage DAW production system.’


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