Afrikaans is Groot gets an updated Robe rig

Published: MEA

Afrikaans is Groot gets an updated Robe rig

SOUTH AFRICA: Moreleta Park Church in Pretoria was one of the latest venues to host Coleske Artists’ multi-artist show, Afrikaans is Groot. Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier and Chris Bolton from Keystone Productions once again collaborated in the lighting design for the event, which ran at the venue for 11 sold out nights, employing almost 160 Robe moving heads, supplied by MGG.

MGG again served as the supplier of the full technical setup, the rental company’s general manager, Denzil Smith, working closely with Mr Cutts and Mr Bolton. Aspects of the lighting rig called upon several fixtures that were a part of a recent investment that MGG had made in additional Robe stock, including 12 new Spiiders that were delivered directly to the venue having only just cleared customs. Also a part of the purchase and put to use were 12 Robe Squares.

The set design featured a large flying mother grid that was installed in the church’s 6,500 capacity auditorium space and this added flexibility in regards to the available rigging points for lighting, with trussing flown beneath. Robe BMFL Blades were utilised as the main profile fixtures – 12 installed on the advanced truss for key lighting and effects, the rest on the mother grid with six BMFL WashBeams.

A base wash covered the wide set, delivered by 24 Robe LEDWash 1200s fixed to various trusses. Meanwhile, audience illumination was provided by additional LEDWash 1200s and 24 LEDWash 600s. Back beam looks were created by 36 Spikies, located on the sides and in front of the set balconies. ‘Maximising their brightness and power, we could make lots of statements and accents with the punchy beams,’ said Mr Cutts.

Mr Cutts went on to discuss the Spiiders, which were fixed in a row upstage of the proscenium. ‘They are absolutely mind-blowing,’ he noted. ‘On one hand they are as punchy as a 1200W wash fixture and also have a very strong and clearly defined beam like the LEDBeam 1000, making them superbly versatile.’

Completing the lighting rig were the Robe Squares, located on the balcony fronts either side of the stage, 24 CycFX8 fixtures, integrated into a lighting and video matrix onstage and four Patt 2013 retro style lights. Complementing the setup were five dozen additional moving lights and 24 strobes.

‘We work with a great team of people on this show who all share our passion for producing the best end result for the audience enjoyment,’ concluded Mr Bolton. ‘This year everyone has worked hard to take the production and presentation to new levels.’

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