Astro heads to Kazakhstan

Published: MEA

Astro heads to Kazakhstan

KAZAKHSTAN/KYGYRYZSTAN: Moscow-based Sovremenniye Tekhnologiyi Zvuka (STZ) will cover Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as part of its new distribution agreement with Astro Spatial Audio. Under the exclusive agreement, STZ will bring the full suite of ASA technologies to the territory.

According to STZ sales manager, Sergey Surov, the appointment will bring new possibilities to the markets of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and beyond. ‘ASA is a new, unique solution that is without any parallel in our region,’ he commented. ‘Its ability to be easily integrated into both new and existing venues is undoubtedly a major advantage. We believe that it will rapidly be considered an extremely interesting creative tool for a wide range of applications, so we are proud to represent the brand, and to bring it to as broad an audience as possible.’

‘STZ has a great team and an impressive footprint in a number of our key sectors,’ added Astro Spatial Audio director Bjorn van Munster. ‘We are very enthusiastic about working together to grow awareness of Astro Spatial Audio in the months and years ahead.’

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