beyerdynamic’s Orbis enters the chamber

Published: MEA

beyerdynamic’s Orbis enters the chamber

NIGERIA: During renovations that have taken place at the Executive Council Chambers of the Abia State Government, it was decided that a new conference system would be included to improve intelligibility at meetings. A beyerdynamic Orbis digital wired conference system was purchased from local authorised distributor, Acti-Tech Ltd, which also integrated the system at the chambers.

The Executive Council is based at Government House in Umuahia and previously operated without a conference system. When looking for its inaugural conference solution, reliability was key, especially during long meetings. It was therefore decided that a wired system should be selected instead of a wireless solution, as the microphone units do not require charging. Orbis not only offered this, but also includes redundant operating modes to ensure power and data supply.

As well as the Orbis CU control unit, included in the installation were a MU 43 chairman unit, 29 Orbis MU 41 delegate units, 30 Classis GM 315 Q gooseneck mics and 30 CA OL loudspeakers designed for use with the MU 41 and MU 43 microphones. A pair of CA OC 50 connecting cables and a CA OR rack mount kit were also deployed.

In addition to the Orbis system’s reliability, the accessibility it offers was also taken into account by the Executive Council. The beyerdynamic solution features buttons with tactile feedback and Braille along with a headphone output for users requiring assisted listening functionality.

‘The fact that the system could be integrated into the conference table also played an important role,’ noted Julian Madu, sales and marketing manager at Acti-Tech, when discussing the reasons for the council’s selection of the Orbis system. The MU 41 and MU 43 microphones have been built into the tables, providing an aesthetic look that the client is pleased with, while also ensuring that all cabling is kept hidden.

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