Blue Array buys Africa's first SD5

Published: MEA

Blue Array buys Africa's first SD5

SOUTH AFRICA: Blue Array Productions has become the first company in Africa to invest in a DiGiCo SD5 console. The purchase was made through the manufacturer’s local distributor, DWR Distribution and the desk has already been put to use on an international show in South Africa.

‘There are many reasons we’ve gone the SD5 route,’ said Marinus Visser, head of audio at Blue Array. ‘It’s on every international rider, which was the main selling point. But for our shows, it was the ability of the console and all the things it can do, the enormous I/O count and its exceptional audio quality. As Blue Array typically work on international productions, we've invested heavily in d&b audiotechnik sound systems. It justifies having something that sounds so good complementing these amazing PA systems.’

‘The SD5 was something Blue Array have wanted for quite a while,’ added Kyle Robson from DWR Distribution. ‘Blue Array are very good and everything they do is rock solid and professional. The SD5 was the first in the country and this was huge for me, absolutely like being a kid in the candy store. When I took the console out the box, I had that very special feeling.

‘The SD5 is in a league of its own,’ he continued. ‘That’s the reason most riders ask for them. If you know how to use the baby console, you will know how to use the bigger one. It’s easy to get around, and the only difference on the SD5 is the bigger surface and higher channel count. That’s the great thing with DiGiCo. All the consoles sound identical and the software is the same.’

‘Thank you to Kobus van Rensburg and his team for their support,’ concluded DWR’s Duncan Riley. ‘I hope that you’ll have many happy gigs and we can’t wait to see the console in action.’

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