Charity sends out an SOS

Published: MEA

Charity sends out an SOS

SOUTH AFRICA: DWR Distribution’s SOS charity fund has pledged to contribute R31,000 to cover the flight costs for Josias Mashiane, who has been invited to partake in training at the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas. The charity was initially established to assist freelancers and their families, should they fall on hard times through illness or injury. In this instance, the fund will help Mr Mashiane at a pivotal time in his career.

‘Josias is a young man who wants to further himself and make a difference in the industry,’ said Duncan Riley of DWR. ‘The SOS would like to cheer him on and believe he has the potential to do great things.’

Mr Mashiane attended training at the Stagecraft Institute last year and having impressed, was asked back to attend the Track 2 Advanced Level course this summer. The Las Vegas-based institute will cover US$9,995 of the fees as a scholarship, leaving Mr Mashiane with US$2,000 to pay as well as accommodation and living costs. DWR and the SOS fund, while contributing to flight costs, are asking companies that are able to help raise a further R31,000. The charity fund is prepared to cover up to 50 per cent of the remaining expenses.

For further information or to find out more about the SOS charity fund, email Sherryn Riley at

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