Collective Works opens for business

Published: MEA

Collective Works opens for business

SOUTH AFRICA: Collective Works, a creative visual design practice, has been launched in South Africa. The company is jointly established by Christopher Bolton, Joshua Cutts and Bradley Hilton.

Aiming to offer an ‘innovative approach to live show and event design’, Collective Works is targeting projects that require a full technical design, lighting, video and set. Automation is also offered and services include equipment specification, client liaison, lighting and video programming and execution.

Mr Bolton has prior experience in establishing a company, having started Keystone Productions in 2003 as well as founding Pixel Native alongside Mr Hilton. Mr Cutts, a reputable South African lighting designer, possesses similar business acumen, starting his own company, Visual Frontier, in 2011.

‘There is a great chemistry and fluidity of ideas and thoughts between all of us,’ Mr Bolton commented.

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