DiGiCo provides a decade of service to Sound Stylists

Published: MEA

DiGiCo provides a decade of service to Sound Stylists

SOUTH AFRICA: Sound Stylists is marking 10 years of investment in DiGiCo with the purchase of an SD10 console. Kevin Glover, owner of the rental company, first came across the brand when he began looking for a new control desk in 2006, and has since used a range of products from DiGiCo.

‘We already had digital mixing consoles, but were looking for something bigger, as many shows we were doing were over the 100 channel mark,’ recalled Mr Glover. ‘I had talked to colleagues in the industry from around the world, and I could also tell what the larger tours were using by reading reports in the industry magazines. DiGiCo was far more advanced than what the other companies had to offer, so we went with the D5.’

Mr Glover then added another D5 and three additional DiGiRacks to his inventory. ‘We also invested in a number of the card options such as Aviom for their personal monitoring system, Ethersound, to allow us to digitally connect to our Nexo system and a number of AES/EBU input and output cards. We also purchased the Optocore fibre system.’

Since that initial decision, purchasing of DiGiCo products has continued. ‘When we bought them, the D5s were good for what we were doing, but there was also a need to do smaller shows. When the SD range came in, it was newer technology, the desks could do that much more and sonically they were better, so we invested in SD8s and they’ve worked very hard.

‘If you know how to work on a little SD9 you can work on an SD7. And because everything is on the same platform, you don’t have to purchase new stage boxes for each console in the range. The stage boxes for the D5s could also be used for the SD8s. And the S21 is a game changer: DiGiCo is following advancements in technology and the ability to move stuff around on screens and use multiple point touch technology means you can do a range of things which you couldn’t before.’

As the latest additions to the inventory, the SD10 is reportedly in continual demand. ‘Since we acquired the SD10 it has been involved with Mariah Carey, as well as two or three shows including monitor duty for Chris Brown,’ Mr Glover explained. ‘The desks are working hard. We recently did a Mother’s Day event at the Johannesburg zoo. It’s a gig we’ve been doing for years. This year I was going to mix it on the D5, but then we decided to put the SD10 at FOH and an S21 on monitors.’

Mr Glover also plans to use the manufacturer’s services into the future. ‘We’ve got a good stock of SD consoles and we’ll add to them as necessary. I’ve already spoken to Duncan Riley at DWR about bringing in another rack, as we have work that is going to require it. Also, with the imminent Stealth Core 2 upgrades, our SD8s will have double the amount of channels that they have at the moment, which will also require additional racks.

‘The wonderful thing about these desks is that they are simple enough to get a gig up and running quickly, but when you start digging into what’s inside them, they offer huge amounts of features,’ concluded Mr Glover.


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