DLC becomes world’s largest DIS stockist

Published: MEA

DLC becomes world’s largest DIS stockist

UAE: Dubai-based rental house, DLC Events, has become the largest stockist of DIS equipment worldwide. The news was announced at the inaugural meeting of the Shure Conferencing Network, which took place recently in Amsterdam.

‘The stock we acquired included 2,500 interpretation receivers, 700 conference microphones, 30 infrared radiators, 50 interpreter desks, six control racks with CU, transmitters and MP3 recorders as well as a great deal of other ancillary equipment,’ said DLC’s Mark Breakspear. ‘DLC is now the largest stockist of DIS equipment worldwide and has more conference equipment of any brand than anyone else in the Middle East and Africa.’

The purchase was made from Danish rental house, Proshop Europe, which reportedly decided to sell its DIS equipment as it also had a large stock of Bosch gear and no longer wanted to stock both. ‘Proshop Europe asked the advice of Shure in Denmark as to who they should offer the equipment to,’ explained Mr Breakspear. ‘DLC have had an extremely strong relationship with DIS since 2008 and due to the rapid expansion that DLC has undertaken and our dedication to the DIS brand, we were offered first refusal on the equipment sale. Naturally we were extremely keen and the deal was finalised within a couple of weeks of the initial offer.’

According to Mr Breakspear, there is a strong demand for the equipment in the Middle East. However, the purchase plus the connections made at the Shure Conferencing Network meeting have meant DLC is now looking at other business models as well. ‘This investment has shifted our business model to include a much greater focus on international sub-hires as the people that relied on Europe for the provision of equipment will now be coming to Dubai as the stock is with us.

‘Having the largest stock in the world is a testament to our growth and development in the past eight years and proof that our focus on excellent customer service backed by experienced technicians using high end equipment is what the market demands in the modern conference industry sector in the Middle East,’ concluded Mr Breakspear.


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