DPA captures A Tribute to Jazz Epistles

Published: MEA

DPA captures A Tribute to Jazz Epistles

SOUTH AFRICA: A DPA Microphones d:vote 4099P piano mic was used to capture Abdullah Ibrahim’s performance as he and Hugh Masekela, reunited for A Tribute to Jazz Epistles. The mic was provided by Kobus from Blue Array.

In the 1960s, at the height of the apartheid era, the Jazz Epistles emerged as a resistant, anti-apartheid music group. They were an all-black and all-esteemed band of now world famous names, and were South Africa’s earliest most influential Jazz band. The reunion took place at the Centre Court Arena in the Convention Centre at Emperor’s Palace and marked the 40th anniversary of the historical youth march of 16 June 1976.

‘I received a call, "Abdullah wants you to join us in JHB. He is performing with Hugh Masekela",’ recalled Akhbar Khan of Cape Town-based rental company, Eastern Acoustics. ‘Wow! They last performed together as The Jazz Epistles in 1959 with Kippie Moeketsie and Jonas Gwangwa. And what a show it was to a packed audience who were totally transported. What a celebration of our country's rich musical heritage. It was such an honour to be backstage with Abdullah and Hugh and to relive the music of that period. The DPA d:vote 4099 piano microphones used for Abdullah worked very well. They gave good level without making the piano sound unnatural. They also had good gain before feedback and not much bleed from nearby instruments.’


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