DWR’s SOS Fund reaches out to Joshua Kotsedi

Published: MEA

DWR’s SOS Fund reaches out to Joshua Kotsedi

SOUTH AFRICA: Having worked at Sun City Superbowl as its resident technician for around 29 years, Joshua Kotsedi, better known as Moribo, is well known and liked within the South African A/V community. He possesses many friends in the industry, including Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution, Mr Kotsedi having attended numerous training courses run by the distributor over the years.

Mr Kotsedi recently suffered the great loss of his 10-year old daughter. When Mr Riley heard the news, he offered what help he could during such a difficult time, utilising DWR’s SOS charity fund to help with the funeral costs.

‘I was talking to Moribo over the phone when I could hear something was wrong,’ said Mr Riley. ‘After pushing him for information, he eventually told me of this recent tragedy. I can’t imagine what he must be going through.’

‘I am pleased to have people like DWR around,’ said Mr Kotsedi. ‘It is much appreciated with all my heart. God bless DWR for your assistance.’


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