DWR takes the DiGiCo SD12 on the road

Published: MEA

DWR takes the DiGiCo SD12 on the road

SOUTH AFRICA: Following DiGiCo’s reveal of the SD12 last week, the manufacturer’s South African distributor, DWR Distribution has taken the console on the road to provide demonstrations for interested organisations. DWR’s DiGiCo SD12 Roadshow has kicked off in Johannesburg, where it will remain until 11th February. It will then stop in Durban from 15th to 17th February and will finish in Cape Town between 22nd and 24th February.

‘The plan is to travel around and meet up with the various companies interested, setup the console in their warehouse or venue and simply show them what the console is capable of doing,’ explained Kyle Robson, DWR’s DiGiCo representative. ‘The console is extremely flexible so I will be chatting about how it can work for the engineers and clients that I see, for use in rental or house of worship applications and so forth.’

Each demonstration is expected to last between one and two hours to ensure that all participants gain a thorough understanding of the SD12 and its capabilities.

‘At the end of the day we want the whole industry to be fully aware the console is here and available,’ said Mr Robson. ‘We want to show the industry how DiGiCo can play a huge benefit as it has done around the world.’

Parites interested in booking a demonstration during the roadshow are advised to contact Mr Robson by emailing kyle@dwrdistribution.co.za.


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