Echo Beats launches webstore

Published: MEA

Echo Beats launches webstore

UAE: Dubai-based distributor, Echo Beats, has launched a webstore as its primary retail outlet. The distributor believes this move will help it ‘reach more customers and bring down prices for end users, dealers and resellers across the region’.

‘The webstore launch is going amazingly well and better than we expected,’ said Echo Beats key account manager, Rami Najjar. ‘This is because of the flexibility integrated into the website, such as the wholesale account which has been made to suit integrators, big rental companies and dealers. It has features including a pricing structure and real stock updates. Meanwhile, the retail account offers deals, a big variety of products and payment options that can even allow customers to do instalments when choosing the card payment method.’

The move to online as the primary point of sale does not mean that customers won’t be able to get hands on with the products as the distributor will maintain the large demo space in its warehouse. However, Mr Najjar believes that the local market is ready for this kind of operation. ‘The UAE has been first in many fields, and in going into online retail and wholesale webstore we have received great feedback from 90 per cent of the customers we know as well as our new clients. As many end-users already trust online reviews and branded items, we believe that distributors will have to move this way.’

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