Eventech invests in DiGiCo

Published: MEA

Eventech invests in DiGiCo

SOUTH AFIRICA: A DiGiCo S21 mixing console has been purchased by Eventech in South Africa. Supplied by regional distributor DWR distribution, the console was selected primarily because of its popularity on touring riders.

‘The rental market companies and technical riders demanded it,’ explained Wynand Veldsman from Eventech. ‘We are thrilled as the unit is fast, flexible, offers ease of use, is compact and has versatility with the D-Rack. Gone are the days of having a big, bulky console. The processing is amazing – it just never runs out.’

‘The best part of selling DiGiCo consoles is seeing the pure delight from the audio engineers who receive them,’ added Kyle Robson from DWR. ‘The S21 is our best seller, and while it initially took DiGiCo about three years to develop the console, it was well worth the wait.’


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