Infogroup hosts dLive launch

Published: MEA

Infogroup hosts dLive launch

TURKEY: Istanbul-based Allen & Heath distributor, Infogroup, recently hosted a launch for the manufacturer’s new dLive console. The two-day event was led by Allen & Heath’s Scott Mason and took place at the Biz Cevahir Hotel in Istanbul.

The event itself attracted a large crowd of engineers including Kenan Özkaplan (sound engineer for Sezen Aksu), Emre Baş (sound engineer for Kenan Doğulu), Ender Balci and Serkan Payim (both engineers for Ajda Pekkan), Aziz Berk Erten (sound engineer for the band Model), Alper Serdar (sound engineer for Soner Sarıkabadayı), Berk Kula and Tuncay Dönmez (both engineers for Duman), Erim Arkman (engineer for Sertap Erener) and Özgür Çota (Mehmet Eedem’s engineer).

The event is described by the distributor as a success and it received a number of positive comments from the attendees. These comments focused on the quality of the desk’s effects, its sound and the ease of the user interface.

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