Installing ICCIMA

Published: MEA

Installing ICCIMA

IRAN: Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin has installed a beyerdynamic conferencing system into the executive committee hall of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA). The chamber of commerce is the second largest in the country and supports 4,426 members.

The project itself presented Pajouhesh Gostar with a number of challenges. The client required built-in conference units mounted under the table, fingertip access to the audio and video sources, remote control of the system in case of confidential meetings where an operator would not be allowed in the hall in addition to having a highly sensitive microphone for freedom of movement. On top of this it was an acoustically challenging environment with sensitive décor meaning nothing on the ceiling and no screens on the wall.

To meet this brief, the company opted for a built-in Orbis conference system with piezo switches and Revoluto RM 31Q microphones from beyerdynamic. Loudspeakers were installed behind the sensitive Revoluto mics for minimisation of unwanted feedback. At the other end of the signal chain, wooden framed decorative Sydney loudspeakers from Tutondo were chosen. To meet the other meeting requirements, built-in laptop and USB table sockets in addition to LAN sockets plus built-in desktop monitors and a desktop all-in-one computer were also added to the system. An Apollo 4K digital signal platform and matrix from SY Electronics selects and combines audio and video sources in a variety of PIPs.

Completing the setup is Pajouhesh Gostar’s own newly developed PG-MCD1 media control device. This provides remote control of the Sony cameras in addition to the I/O modules from other systems through a web-based app.

‘We are very pleased with the results and thanks to Pajouhesh Gostar for all the efforts and services they provided for completing the task perfectly,’ concluded Mr Rastegari, a senior manager at ICCIMA.

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