Jose Gonzalez Hosa Technology

Published: MEA

Jose Gonzalez Hosa Technology

Jose Gonzalez, Hosa Technology

US interconnect manufacturer Hosa Technology has named Jose Gonzalez as product manager for its Hosa and Zaolla Silverline brands.

Stationed at the company’s headquarters in Buena Park, Mr Gonzalez oversees a number of crucial operations for the company, including managing sales and marketing activities of the two brands and working with field sales staff to identify and implement appropriate sales and marketing strategies. He also analyses brand performance, brand competitiveness, and product trends in the marketplace and develops strategies for the Hosa and Zaolla brands based upon the findings of his research.

 ‘With Hosa Technology’s and Zaolla Silverline’s comprehensive range of product offerings and trusted reputations as providers of connectivity solutions, these brands represent a terrific opportunity for me to use my sales management and application background,’ he said. ‘I have a genuine passion for the music and sound business, and the ability to assume a proactive role in the sales operations of a company that sells products for musicians and audio professionals is perfectly in line with my interests. I feel this new set of responsibilities is a great fit for me.’