Lighthouse shines in 360°

Published: MEA

Lighthouse shines in 360°

UAE: Lighthouse Productions (LHP) was enlisted for 11th year running by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development to provide the visual design for the Islamic Art Awards. The event was staged at the Abu Dhabi National Theatre and saw the LHP team, led by Terry Miranda, implement 80 Robe lighting fixtures. A 360° video recording of the awards ceremony was produced for VR viewing, which presented the biggest lighting design consideration, as 360° cameras aren’t currently optimised for low or event style lighting.

Adrian Guzman is LHP’s lighting designer. His design for this project resulted in coloured LED strips outlining the set depicting a skyline of arched buildings and towers, while gobos treated the stage. The main luminaires were flown over three house LX bars, the first and third of which each held eight Pointes while eight MMX WashBeams were deployed on the second. A pair of 5m trusses were each equipped with three Robe 300E Beams and stood to the left and right of the set.

Upstage, LHP installed 10 CycFX 8 LED battens on the floor with six MMX WashBeams to add ambiance at the back. Downstage, a further 12 CycFX 8s and six 300E Beams were combined with six LEDWash 1200s on the front of the balcony. The performers were backlit by 16 PARFect 100s.

‘The Robe rig brought texture and enhanced the space during the performances, highlighting the artists and punching through with beam looks and gobos as required,’ said Mr Miranda.

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