Lighting mannequins

Published: MEA

Lighting mannequins

SOUTH AFRICA: Mannequin, the most recent production by Nataniël, was lit during its run at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg by a variety of fixtures, including Philips Vari-Lite VL4000 Spots, VL2500 Washes and VL2500 Spots provided by Gearhouse Splitbeam, in addition to the Theatre of Marcellus’ in-house rig. The lighting for the show was designed and operated by Nataniël’s lighting designer of more than a decade, Kevin Stannett.

‘While Nataniël is a flamboyant, outspoken and much-loved artist in South Africa, he likes to create a minimalistic look in regards to lighting,’ explained Mr Stannett. ‘This year he used numerous mannequins on stage as part of the scenery and set.’

Lighting the mannequins, which served as additional ‘cast members’, were four VL 2500 Spots. Top light was delivered by five VL 2500 Wash and two VL4000 fixtures. For front gobo work, Mr Stannett utilised another four VL4000s. An MA Lighting grandMA2 light was used for programming.

‘The video control was also run off the MA via ArKaos,’ added Mr Stannett. ‘It’s my faithful programming tool.’

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