MEEA awards eclipse for RedFestDXB

Published: MEA

MEEA awards eclipse for RedFestDXB

UAE: eclipse Staging Services won the award for Best Light and Sound Production at the Middle East Event and Exhibition Awards (MEEA). Debuting for the 2017 edition of MEEA, the award was given in recognition of eclipse’s work at RedFestDXB.

As previously reported on Pro Audio Central, RedfestDBX was plagued with poor weather conditions in the form of severe winds. This led to equipment damage and the postponement of the second day of the festival. However, eclipse and the other technical providers worked together to ensure that the show went on.

‘The crew worked tirelessly through some extreme weather conditions to deliver this event, and I could not be prouder or more thankful to our world class team,’ said Tom Warneke, eclipse project manager.

The rental company’s general manager, Martin Lubach, delivered thanks to everyone involved in the project. ‘While the award mentions only light and sound, as a company we recognise how crucial each and every department is in the delivery of events such as this, so congratulations to you all,’ he said.

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