Message on a bottle

Published: MEA

Message on a bottle

SOUTH AFRICA: Gearhouse Group was recently approached by digital design agency Injozi to provide a solution for an advertising concept for Consol Glass, involving a projection surface formed of the glass-packaging manufacturer’s bottles. Sets Drapes Screens (SDS) was engaged to assist in this project having previously produced a wall-mounted display for Consol.

The glass bottles were to serve as a backdrop to display patterns and text clearly and required the ability to be assembled and disassembled quickly as the campaign involved a video shoot that toured the country. Gearhouse SA audiovisual department operations manager, Aaron Harvey, and Richard Baker of LEDVision worked together to design the 3m x 2m bottle screen wall, constructed with modular panels of transparent acrylic bricks, each housing 60 bottles.

SDS built a bespoke platform for the wall, the combined 1,500 bottles of which had to match up an R6 LED screen placed behind it to create the desired effect. Meanwhile, Gearhouse Splitbeam’s Marcel Wijnberger constructed a virtual mask that directed the LED light through the top of each bottle, which essentially transformed the bottles into diodes via a pixel mapping process. This produced the images on the surface of the bottle screen.

‘This type of creative collaboration is a step out of our day-to-day activities,’ noted Mr Harvey. ‘It was really refreshing to be given the opportunity to realise the client’s vision in a creative and unusual manner.’

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