Moonlight at the Market Theatre

Published: MEA

Moonlight at the Market Theatre

SOUTH AFRICA: As Johannesburg’s Market Theatre celebrated its 40th anniversary a collaborative venture between playwrights Zakes Mda and John Kani was performed during the summer. The Dying Screams of the Moon tells the story of two women who meet in church in post-apartheid South Africa and is notable for comprising an entirely female cast and crew. The theatre’s head of lighting, Nomvula Molepo, wanted to create a lighting effect that would replicate that of a stained glass window within a church and contracted A/V solutions provider Prosound which supplied ETC Source Four LED luminaires to bring the effect to life.

The play’s tight budget needed to be adhered to, which ruled out the use of glass gobos. To assist Ms Molepo in devising an alternative solution Prosound’s general manager of lighting and structures, Ian Blair, supplied the fixtures along with the company’s lighting specialists Mac Makhobotloane and Jannie de Jager.

‘Mac and Jannie brought a variety of fixtures to experiment with in order to achieve the effect I was looking for,’ explained Ms Molepo. ‘We tested the fixtures to see if I could get the desired effect. Then, Mac suggested that I get steel gobos, cut small pieces of gels and paste them onto the gobos. Mac and I tested one fixture and it worked like a dream. The service was awesome!’

This solution that made use of the Source Four LED fixtures not only accomplished the desired visual effect, but also reportedly provided easy operation. ‘I would definitely consider using the fixtures on future productions,’ Ms Molepo noted.

‘I’d particularly like to thank Mac and Jannie for all their effort, time and support in assisting me with making the lighting work for the production,’ concluded the theatre’s head of lighting. ‘I’m very grateful to Prosound for supplying the fixtures.’

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