NTi Audio keeps Ster-Kinekor ahead of the curve

Published: MEA

NTi Audio keeps Ster-Kinekor ahead of the curve

SOUTH AFRICA: NTi Audio’s XL2 Acoustic Analyser is being used extensively by South Africa’s leading cinema operator to optimise sound at its 57 multiplexes. Having relied on the equipment since 2012, Ster-Kinekor has added three more measurement kits for its in-house service to undertake performance tests and periodic verifications, and plans to supply every service team member with their own kit. The units were purchased through Wild & Marr.

The teams are using the XL2 to measure the acoustic frequency spectrum of each surround sound channel for comparison with the specified X-Curve tolerance band. This confirms the cinema is setup to standard and reportedly takes the teams less than an hour per cinema with the NTi kits. They also check the sound insulation between neighbouring cinemas with the same instrument to ensure independent movie performances.

‘We started using the NTi Audio XL2 back in 2012,’ explained N’Ré Du Toit, head of the technical department at Ster-Kinekor. ‘At first we only bought one, as a trial, and quickly realised the extreme accuracy over our older instruments. We then bought another six, and now another three measurement kits. I’m scheduling to equip my whole team with XL2s in the next few months. We’ve managed to lift the quality of our sound using these units.’


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