Peter Rieck returns to Lip Sync Battle

Published: MEA

Peter Rieck returns to Lip Sync Battle

SOUTH AFRICA: Peter Rieck of Rieck’s Lighting served as lighting designer for the second consecutive year on Lip Sync Battle Africa, having been approached once again by the show’s production company, Red Pepper Pictures. Mr Rieck, who is also the co-owner of rental company Event Lighting, deployed a rig comprising several Robe solutions and controlled using an MA Lighting dot2 console.

‘It’s a dynamic show and funky looks have to compliment the entertainment, interviews and bantering between contestants,’ said the lighting designer. ‘We hung 18 Robe Spikies on the grid with a further six positioned on the floor. They were the eye-candy and because I had so many of them, the camera could pick up all the dots. They made a decent filler and made the picture look nice. The Spikies are fast little units, and being low on power, I can run 24 on a plug if I have to.’

Joining the 24 Spikies from event Lighting’s roster at Urban Brew Studios were 12 Robe Pointes, 100 Longman LED PAR cans and an MDG Atmosphere fog machine. These were in addition to the studio’s own Robe inventory comprising 10 Robe ColorSpot 1200E AT and 10 ColorWash 1200E AT profiles. Generic lighting was provided by 24 2K lights and 600 light bulbs formed part of the set.

The dot2 used to programme the show’s lighting was accompanied by to dot2 Node4 DMX outputs. ‘The dot2 worked beautifully,’ said Mr Rieck. ‘This console is made for this type of environment and is easy to understand. Johan Graham, my assistant, operated the dot2 on the last week of the show. He knows the desk very well and just flew with it.’

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