Pixel Global AV sets up in SA

Published: MEA

Pixel Global AV sets up in SA

SOUTH AFRICA: Pixel Global AV has partnered with Kilowatt Audio Visual Limited as part of its plan to expand into South Africa, launching Pixel Global AV South Africa. The deal is the international A/V systems integrator’s first for its Global Partnership Programme, which aims to ensure a consistent and localised service to different markets by working with regional offices.

‘Having conducted work for clients in Africa from the UK, we understood the need to find a partner who can support clients locally,’ explained Pixel Global AV’s recently appointed global CEO, Tim Darwell-Taylor. ‘Kilowatt is an established A/V provider in Africa and its strong client base, creativity, technical expertise and delivery strength made them a natural business partner for us. Business spending in Africa is expected to grow to US$3.5 trillion by 2025 and this collaboration will help differentiate Pixel Global AV in this key region.’

Dillon Jearey serves as the CEO of the new Pixel Global AV South Africa. He commented: ‘This partnership opportunity fits strategically into our accelerated growth programme for Kilowatt AV. I believe that collaborative communication solutions are saving people time and reducing corporate carbon footprints. We are excited to now offer our clients international support and product expertise as we move into a more connected world, with video conferencing becoming a standard in corporate communication.’


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