Polymedia battles the elements at Baku Grand Prix

Published: MEA

Polymedia battles the elements at Baku Grand Prix

AZERBAIJAN: This year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix in Baku saw Polymedia deploy huge specially-designed LED screens in the spectator and entertainment areas throughout the 6km racetrack. The Russian integrator was appointed as the visualisation contractor in the Eurodesign command, which was itself the general contractor for electronic provision (from PA to security systems). With video panels totalling 500 sq-m in area, the largest stretched to 45 sq-m.

Polymedia specialists had to comply with a host of requirements during setup, with undesirable weather conditions such as strong winds and baking sun, making things more challenging. Wind-resistant and anti-vandal screens on the DIP-diodes with a pixel of 10mm were used to withstand the scorching sun. Each screen was connected to the control system, which reportedly allowed the operator to track operability of the screens at any time.

‘We repeatedly checked all the equipment before the start of the show,’ said Elena Novikova, CEO at Polymedia. ‘All the equipment for the racing electronics, including LED, has been specifically assembled for the test operation on a scale of 1:1. The project was a success largely due to the coordinated work of our professionals, the Eurodesign team and also to the detailed preliminary design.’

‘Polymedia was in charge of a full range of works: manufacturing, quality control, supply, installation, commissioning and configuration of audio-visual equipment, and even technical support provision during the event,’ commented Rovshan Ahmadov, technology director at Eurodesign (Azerbajdzhan). ‘Nowadays it is difficult to find a company that can perform such a complex A/V project. We are pleased that Baku has an audiovisual systems integrator of such professional level, and look forward to working on new and interesting projects together. On behalf of our company, I thank the whole team that worked on the Formula 1 project for the professional work.’


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