High profile meeting room gets the Eramita treatment

Published: MEA

High profile meeting room gets the Eramita treatment

TURKEY: Eramita was responsible for the new audio solution which has been installed into an important meeting room at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara. Sound reinforcement in the room is via six Mobius 7 invisible speakers from Amina installed behind the room’s wooden panels.

According to Eramita, the decision to go with the Amina speakers was based on the ‘very demanding’ interior design of the room. The company reports that the architect did not want to see any boxes on the walls so it opted to use invisible speakers.

In addition to the Amina speakers, an Electro-Voice Netmax DSP handles the inputs and outputs as well as the EQ and dynamics. A Bosch conferencing and translation solution has also been installed and integrated with the DSP. Software control handles the audio adjustments during a meeting. Every time a microphone is activated, the DSP decides which loudspeaker is closest and accordingly reduces its volume by 30 per cent. According to Eramita this has resulted in ‘very clean acoustics without the feedback problems that can occur in rooms with limited space but lots of energy’.


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