ProAudio sees training as key to Midas success

Published: MEA

ProAudio sees training as key to Midas success

SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg-based Music Group distributor, ProAudio, is looking to training as a way to build on the manufacturer’s presence in the country. As part of this strategy, the distributor is planning on hosting a number of educational sessions throughout the year.

‘I hold training whenever necessary, fitting in with the busy schedules of live engineers and production companies,’ said ProAudio’s Gareth Roberts. ‘I try to schedule training four times per year, but we’re really flexible and I can accommodate one person where needed or up to a group of eight.’

Mr Roberts himself is a relative newcomer to the distributor, having spent most of his career as a touring engineer. ‘In September 2015, I began work at ProAudio and immediately travelled to Midas in Manchester for training,’ he recalled. ‘I’ve since then started training and supporting Pro Series owners and users, spreading the Midas word far and wide.

‘I personally believe that the training aspect is the most important part of my job as this education will spread the word of Midas,’ he continued. ‘We do not charge for the training and anybody is welcome to contact me in this regard. My goal is to make people’s experience with Midas an enjoyable, easy and rewarding one!’

In terms of the training itself, Mr Roberts extols the benefits of a practical approach. ‘The type of training we’re offering is a very hands on, practical experience, mainly offered to freelance engineers and current Midas users,’ he explained. ‘I talk through the various consoles quickly, show them patching, naming, VCA setup and then play multitrack recordings through the Pro-X so that they can get a feel of the console personally and set up their own mix, with compressors, EQs, POP groups, and effects.

‘Midas is well known in South Africa, but for some reason, the perception is that it is an expensive, difficult console to use,’ continued Mr Roberts. ‘My aim is to demonstrate the consoles to colleges, freelancers and existing audio rental companies to reverse this perception. Anyone who has ever heard a Midas Pro console knows how amazing they sound! I just have to show them how easy they are to use too.’

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