Quinta delivers for Post Bank

Published: MEA

Quinta delivers for Post Bank

IRAN: Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin has installed a beyerdynamic Quinta wireless conferencing system at Post Bank’s central building in Tehran. This project was the first to combine the manufacturer’s Revoluto vertical array mic with the Quinta solution.

‘The client wanted to replace their old system with a new high quality system and wanted to avoid as much cabling as possible,’ said Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin managing director, Shahriar Motamedi. ‘Also they needed the smallest number of conference units on the table possible. Therefore, they made their choice for a beyerdynamic Quinta wireless conferencing system with the vertical array Classis RM 31 Q Revoluto microphone.’

This combination provided the best way for Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin to meet Post Bank’s needs. ‘Thanks to the wide pick up range of the Classis RM 31Q microphone, two delegates can use one microphone unit with maximum freedom of movement,’ noted Mr Motamedi. ‘The Quinta microphone units are also equipped with a voting option. This makes the system practically perfect for the management of sessions with a small number of participants and the demand for voting.’

Away from the conferencing units, the room is covered by four active speakers from Italian brand Tutondo and mixed via a Yamaha console. The visual side of the project is catered for by three Sony dome cameras, a multi-format scaling unit from SY Electronics and five 4K LED screens from LG. The integrator also provided A/V connectivity through three flush mount signal panels for HDMI, VGA, audio, USB and LAN connections.

It was a 10-day project to prepare, install and commission the new solution with the largest issue coming from the bank’s request to not see any cables. ‘The main challenge was the installation and cabling behind the wooden panels of the decorative walls and behind the false ceiling where there was literally no space,’ recalled Mr Motamedi. ‘The client also wanted to see no exposed cabling or on-wall conduits. We had to remove some of the finished wall coverings and in some cases relocate the equipment such as a camera.’

Despite this, the technology selected meant the company could meet its client’s demands. ‘Thanks to the Quinta wireless system and also using HDBaseT over Cat-5e, we were able to complete the project with the least need for cabling,’ explained Mr Motamedi. ‘We achieved all the goals for our client so the end result was satisfactory.’


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