Rinus Bakker to present Prolyte Rigging Training Courses

Published: MEA

Rinus Bakker to present Prolyte Rigging Training Courses

SOUTH AFRICA: DWR Distribution has confirmed that Rinus Bakker from Rhino Rigs will be presenting a Prolyte Rigging Training Course in South Africa. The seminars take place in Cape Town from 6th – 11th February and in Johannesburg from 13th – 18th February.

The five-day training workshop will cover areas of rigging including safety, machinery and equipment, maintenance, lifting materials, force calculations and load tables among others. On the fifth day, participants will take part in a practical hands-on session. Those who pass the course will receive a certificate and 48 SACIA CPD points.

‘Some lighting technicians are focused on truss and truss use only, and they for example would never do any bridling themselves,’ explained Mr Bakker. ‘Others might be afraid of trigonometry for bridle calculations, but can feel that a new world has opened for them when a simple drawing with a vector can do almost the same.’

Mr Bakker also stressed the importance of safety and that the training will offer increased awareness in this area. ‘I am often surprised by the lack of knowledge on legislation, liability, equipment properties and clear understanding of materials and methods of use,’ he said. ‘Mistakes that are made in rigging or staging can have much more far reaching consequences than mistakes in lighting, sound or A/V.’

Those interested in attending either workshop are advised to contact Amanda at rsvp@dwrdistribution.co.za to book a place or to request further information. The course costs R300 and a 50 per cent deposit is required. Attendees must also bring a calculator, 2m rope (6mm), a red pen and a black pen, and be competent in mathematics.


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