Robe fixtures are Groot

Published: MEA

Robe fixtures are Groot

SOUTH AFRICA: Following the success of its annual Afrikaans is Groot extravaganza, the same creative team at Coleske Artists responsible for its production has recently staged the inaugural edition of a similar show, focusing upon the English-speaking market with Classics is Groot. The event was staged at the Moreleta Auditorium in Pretoria and featured a lighting design by Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier, which specified Robe moving lights. MGG was the rental company contracted to supply the fixtures, as well as the full audio, video, rigging and staging solutions, while its general manager, Denzil Smith, served as project manager and senior lighting technician Herman Wessels led the team of 14.

The lighting design comprised eight BMFL Blades and two WashBeams, which served as the main front key lights. Meanwhile, 24 LEDWash 600s were implemented for blanket over-stage washes, and 12 LEDBeam 100s were rigged on truss totems to provide side-fill from the far right and left-hand corners of the stage. For beam work downstage and on the front of the ground support, 12 DL4S profiles were deployed. The event also provided Mr Cutts with his first opportunity to use Robe’s Spikies fixtures, of which he installed eight on the outside legs of the ground support to create fast-moving beam effects.

While playing to a live audience in the 6,500-seat auditorium, Classics is Groot was also recorded for a future DVD release as well as a later broadcast. With this being the case, Mr Cutts reportedly developed his lighting design to work on television, while maintaining the mood effect for those in the live audience. This resulted in a lighting design based around that of a typical classical concert, with layers of theatrical and television style lighting added.

As part of these additional layers, seven 12mm LED mesh columns were included on the stage with a white back-cloth located upstage that was filled with colourful washes that delivered additional depth behind the video texturing. In between each of these columns were 6m totem trusses, each featuring a mapped, front-facing pixelPARs.

‘Coleske Artists set exceptionally high standards with all their productions which drive us to match this on the technical,’ explained Mr Cutts. ‘It’s great to work with producers like this because they understand lighting, its power and the emotions that it can help achieve.’

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