Robe provides solutions for SAMAs 2016

Published: MEA

Robe provides solutions for SAMAs 2016

SOUTH AFRICA: Over 200 Robe fixtures were supplied by Gearhouse South Africa for the 2016 South African Music Awards (SAMAs). The lighting was designed by Robert Grobler, while the event was staged at the Durban ICC Arena and broadcast live on SABC1.

Michael Gill from MGD arranged the set, basing it on a collection of different sized LED screens. The construction of the set had to ensure a clear, three dimensional view of the stage from every seat in the auditorium. Moreover, the challenge was for Mr Grobler to light all the different sections of the stage separately to ensure they could work as stand-alone elements or, alternatively, work together as one large, overall set piece.

The Robe elements included 24 DLF Washes, 48 Pointes, 48 LED Wash 600s, 48 LED Force 18 Pars and 16 CitySkape Xtreme LED floods, as well as additional lights. A series of lighting trusses were also flown in the roof to coordinate the set spaces, and to give optimum lighting positions for the main sections of the stage. Pointes were located around the set in clusters of three, keeping with the context of lighting the set in sections.

Mr Grobler has used Robe products for 10 years and he praised the company’s products. ‘The quality of Robe’s various ranges assert the brands position as industry leader in innovation and effectiveness.’

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