Robe Spikies arrive in Africa

Published: MEA

Robe Spikies arrive in Africa

NAMIBIA: Mikel-Jes, a rental company based in Windhoek, has added to its lighting inventory by investing in eight Robe Spikies. DWR Distribution, Robe’s distributor based in South Africa, facilitated the purchase, which marks the first sale of the small, ‘super fast’ LED WashBeams in the continent.

Mikel-Jes already possessed a stock of approximately 80 Robe fixtures and it was when company founder and co-owner Michael Vermeulen saw the Spikies at Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt that the decision to purchase the units was made. ‘It is really bright and being a wash and a spot as well as having some high-impact effects persuaded us,’ explained Mr Vermeulen. ‘It’s not unusual for the brief in lighting a show to change at short notice, so having the choice of beam or spot mode on one unit is really helpful and adds huge value to the investment.’

The rental company put its new Spikies to quick use, deploying them at eight events in the first two weeks following delivery. These events included the 50th anniversary celebrations at the Safari Court Hotel, a ‘trophy wine’ event hosted by insurance company, Old Mutual, and a gospel evening at Family Foundation. The client for the Family Foundation event had reportedly requested the Spikies specifically.

‘They have made a big difference to how I can light a stage or a space,’ added Mikel-Jes lighting designer Berend Apollus. ‘It is great to have so many choices at my fingertips.’

‘They are extremely versatile, and the "gobo look" is great if you open the zoom, drop in the prism and then the flower effect. It’s great to purchase a fixture that is an instant success like this,’ Mr Vermeulen concluded.

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