SAMAs calls in SoundGP

Published: MEA

SAMAs calls in SoundGP

SOUTH AFRICA: The 23rd edition of the South African Music Awards (SAMA) called on the services of SoundGP for its broadcast audio. Hosted at the Sun City Superbowl, the annual awards show celebrated the achievements of the country’s diverse music industry and saw a variety of live performances from high-profile artists.

SoundGP’s Cristo Hattingh selected an Avid Profile console to handle mixing duties. ‘My first choice is usually the Avid S6L, but that was out of action so I went with the Profile,’ noted Mr Hattingh. ‘I looked at the desired workflow and who and what we had to interface with and the Profile sufficed adequately.’

Alongside Mr Hattingh, the event drew together an experienced production crew who often work together on some of South Africa’s largest events. This experience and familiarity served the crew well. ‘Because of the organic nature of such productions, we need to be able to adapt to accommodate, even on the fly sometimes,’ explained Mr Hattingh. ‘We all have the experience to recognise challenges as and before they happen and the ability to respond and not react.’

While he is satisfied with the way the event sounded, Mr Hattingh is a firm believer that there is always room for improvement. ‘If you don’t plan on doing things differently you haven’t learnt anything,’ he reflected. ‘Different doesn’t always meaning fixing a mistake it means improving, being more efficient and providing a faster, better solution.’

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