SF moves home

Published: MEA

SF moves home

TURKEY: Istanbul-based Harman distributor, SF Ses ve Işık Sistemleri A.Ş, has opened a new headquarters. The company has located its new HQ at the Mustafa Kemal Kültür Merkez Akatlar AVM shopping centre, spreading out over a floor.

‘Our company grew and so did the number of our employees,’ explained SF’s Samim Mutluer. ‘Our previous office was getting too small and we also needed a showroom and a larger technical support area. The new location is more central and easier to access. It is 2,000 sq-m and our warehouse is adjacent to the office space and is better organised. This means our people can work in a more relaxed environment.’

Having moved into its new facility, the distributor is already seeing a number of advantages. Particular highlights for customers include the training room as well as the large showroom and demo space. In addition to this, the company’s project team now has a bigger space to work in and the distributor is equipped with a fully automated large meeting room.

For Mr Mutluer, the people who will gain the most out of the move is SF’s customers. ‘Better efficiency from our employees automatically means better service to customers. They can touch, feel and experience every single piece of equipment.’


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