Showtech steps up

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Showtech steps up

UAE: Described as ‘the largest interactive gathering in MENA’, the annual Step Conference was recently held at the Dubai International Marine Club. The event is attended by thousands of investors, entrepreneurs and others from the worlds of technology and entertainment, as well as music industry representatives including producers, record label executives and artists. Step Music partners with Anghami to stage the conference, which sees discussion of trends, challenges and the future of the music industry in the region in addition to live performances. To facilitate this, the organisers brought in Showtech to supply the audio, visual and lighting technical solutions.

The setup was split into four areas: two separate conference zones, an outdoor performance stage and another indoors. Delving deep into its inventory, Showtech supplied a wide range of JBL systems, basing the main PA solutions in each area on VTX series cabinets. These were supplemented by EON speakers on the conference stage and in the exhibition, workshop and food truck areas. Power was courtesy of Crown amplifiers and mixing duties were handled by Soundcraft and Yamaha desks. For speech capture, Shure ULX-D wireless microphone systems were deployed throughout. The exhibition and food truck areas also received signal from Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus multiplayers.

LED screens were provided alongside Dataton Watchout servers, Analog Way switchers and Nova Star processors with Lenovo laptops and Samsung confidence monitors. For lighting, a mixture of Claypaky, Robe, Showlyte, Philips and ETC fixtures were emplyed across the different areas, controlled by Avolites dimmers and MA Lighting grandMA2 consoles, and accompanied by Antari HZ 400 hazers. Prolyte trussing and Chain Master hoists were also installed by the rental company, while a Motorola DP4400 Series portable radio system was provided to enable communication amongst the event crew.

Challenges were presented by the windy conditions caused by the beachside location. This meant that Showtech took every safety precaution possible during set up to ensure the event was a success without any safety or logistical issues.

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