Simon King lights La Traviata in Joburg

Published: MEA

Simon King lights La Traviata in Joburg

SOUTH AFRICA: When Joburg Ballet recently brought its production of La Traviata to Joburg Theatre Simon King was brought in to control the lighting. Having recently turned freelance following a 28-year stint as lighting technician at the State Theatre in Pretoria, Mr King made use of Joburg Theatre’s in-house Robe Robin 800s and MMX Spots, programming the fixtures on an MA Lighting grandMA2.

‘The Robin 800s were used to dress the set, as side lights and for little effects,’ Mr King explained. ‘The MMX spots were used for soft gobo lighting and set and dancer specials.’

He continued by praising the grandMA2 console. ‘It always works for me – it’s like my other limb and I’m very comfortable on it,’ said Mr King. ‘It never gives me problems, is easy, fast and never crashes.’

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