SOS raises funds for Josias Mashiane

Published: MEA

SOS raises funds for Josias Mashiane

SOUTH AFRICA: DWR Distribution’s SOS charity fund pledged ZAR31,000 to cover the flight costs for Josias Mashiane who had been invited to partake in training at the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas back in April. The charity put out a request for additional donations to contribute to the cost of Mr Mashiane’s living expenses during his time in America and the appeal has been answered.

Jane Childs, director of the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas has waived Mr Mashiane’s tuition fees and arranged accommodation for him in Las Vegas. Additionally, in South African lighting designer Oliver Hauser from HL Design made a donation to the fund.

Ms Childs is the widow of Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas founder, the late Don Childs. ‘Don envisioned a programme where students world-wide might learn best practices from industry leaders,’ she said. ‘As the Institute begins its eleventh season, Josias and his journey represents a prime example of that mission: clear passion, driven by integrity, and supported by industry friends who strive to make our piece of this world better every day.’

Mr Mashiane is excited and grateful in equal measure. ‘If it wasn’t for everyone helping me, I would not have been given this opportunity,’ he said.

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