Spiiders infiltrate Durban

Published: MEA

Spiiders infiltrate Durban

SOUTH AFRICA: Hirezone Audio Visual has become the first rental company in the province of KwaZulu Natal to take stock of Robe’s Spiider LEDWashBeam luminaires. The Durban-based company purchased 12 of the fixtures from the manufacturer’s South African distributor, DWR Distribution.

‘We needed a wash light with versatility, something that had beams. Brightness was also a factor,’ explained Hirezone’s founder, Richard Gild. ‘The Spiiders are well priced, lightweight and I think they will be a big industry standard in the next six months to a year. That’s where we want to be, allowing us to cross rental in the future.

‘I get so much support from Robe and DWR,’ he added. ‘I felt happy to give back to them and make this purchase.’


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