Splitbeam gives Annie her voice

Published: MEA

Splitbeam gives Annie her voice

SOUTH AFRICA: Splitbeam has been selected to deliver the audio, lighting and A/V equipment as well as technical support for the Johannesburg season of Annie – The Musical which runs at the Teatro Montecasino from October 12th until November 27th. Prosound’s Mark Malherbe is the sound designer for the South African production, and specified an audio system based around Meyer Sound speakers.

The main PA consists of 24 Meyer Sound Melodies with four HP700 subwoofers as well as M1D’s for surrounds and fills. This is supported by a pair of the manufacturer’s Galileo 616 system management units and Compass software.

The show is operated by Cara Dowling on a Midas Pro9 console at front of house and a Midas Pro1 in the orchestra pit for the band’s myMix personal monitors. There are two separate Midi sources triggering the Q-Lab servers for all click track, SFX and lighting time code requirements. A pair of Focusrite Scarlett 1820i v2 units serve as the audio interfaces between Q Lab and the Midas Pro9.

The mic package calls on 30 Sennheiser belt pack systems and DPA 4061 lavalieres. These are monitored with the help of Sennheiser wireless system management.

The comms side of the production calls on a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II wireless system and Motorola DP1400 two-way radios. Splitbeam has also installed a visual cue light system, being sent to technicians and operators via a GDS Cuelight system.


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