Staras invests in L-Acoustics

Published: MEA

Staras invests in L-Acoustics

TURKEY: Istanbul-based rental company Staras has expanded its inventory with a large investment in L-Acoustics equipment. The sale was made through the manufacturer’s local distributor, Elit Light/Sound Technologies, and comprised 24 K2, 16 KS28, four LA RAK II with LA12X amps, eight Arcs II, four SB28 and six X15HiQ cabinets.

Elit has been in discussions with Staras about purchasing a large tour system for a number of years. While some of the French manufacturer’s earlier products had not been right for Staras’ needs, K2 proved to be the right solution. ‘K2 has been designed for the kind of large tours and events that Staras works with in Turkey,’ said Elit’s Emre Defne. ‘At the same time, it’s lightweight and versatile which makes K2 a very useful tool.’

While the rental house is yet to use its K2 system on a gig, it has already put the Arcs II cabinets through their paces on the recent Serdar Ortaç and Duman concerts. ‘They are very happy, they knew that they needed to make this purchase as their old systems did not give them a differentiator over their competitors,’ reasoned Mr Defne. ‘With this purchase, everybody in the Turkish market is talking about Staras and because every rider comes with L-Acoustics systems at the top, they have found a solution to supply those productions.’

Mr Defne also believes the sale will provide more business for the distributor. ‘Champions League companies like Staras have more potential to use our products on their tours and events. And other rental companies follow what the big companies are doing. As people hear about this sale they are calling us for quotations for their companies. It has made a very big noise in the market and we feel that it will lead to other sales.’

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