Streaming to Bonny Island

Published: MEA

Streaming to Bonny Island

NIGERIA: Falcon Media House has partnered with Verimatrix to deliver the first secure OTT (over-the-top) streaming service in West Africa. The service has been commissioned by an oil company to provide live and on-demand television content to approximately 3,000 employee homes on Bonny Island, which typically receives poor television signal due to heavy rainfall, distance and network congestion.

The OTT service utilises Falcon’s Q-Flow technology, which is designed to prevent the frequent loss of signal and buffering on streaming platforms. This is combined with revenue security solutions of Verimatrix to create a closed system converting content from digital satellite TV provider DStv into a standalone OTT service, which will be delivered to set top boxes and mobile devices and include features such as VoD and multi-screen support for mobiles and tablets. The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) will ensure content is delivered securely.

The service is scheduled to go live during the summer and will initially comprise 21 channels, with more planned. ‘Delivering the first secure OTT service in West Africa, which will enable thousands of people on Bonny Island to enjoy high quality content streaming for the first time, demonstrates the transformative impact of our Q-Flow technology on the fast-growing OTT market,’ stated Gert Rieder, executive chairman at Falcon Media House. ‘We’re proud to be partnering with Verimatrix. Together we are able to provide a best in class OTT service which delivers a seamless live and on-demand TV experience for users, while at the same time extends the reach of network providers securely.’

Q-Flow is developed by Falcon subsidiary Quiptel. ‘Our integration with Quiptel’s technology enables service providers to take advantage of the quickly expanding OTT video market in a fully secure fashion,’ noted Verimatrix president Steve Oetegenn. ‘Our joint customers can now deploy and easily scale knowing that they have the best-of-breed platform.’

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